Gorgeous Saddlebrook Estate Featuring an Outdoor Kitchen and a Guest House

The Saddlebrook Estate with its stunning exterior and outdoor kitchen is a great example of our work as the clients allowed our full artistic freedom.  They trusted our vision and were quick to make important decisions which made the home shine. Despite Covid-19 related delays we completed this massive remodel in six months. We reached our timeline thanks to the professionalism and skill of Skidder Construction.  We chose to work with Skidder Construction as they have the skill and resources to make all necessary visions of the space come to life. This was a massive project and Skidder Construction performed the structure necessary to finish this project on time. 

Updating a Previous Remodel

When we first met with the owners (in masks), they had just purchased the home.  They were excited to bring their own taste into the space as it had been remodeled but not to their luxury standards.  Their primary intention for the purchase was the land, beautiful forested acreage. The home had previously undergone a remodel and there were some design flaws that needed correcting. Mainly, the master bathroom was dark and dated and the kitchen had severe structural issues. The cabinetry and flooring were dated and dull which gave us the opportunity to make these details pop.  The homeowners were very open to our suggestions and as the project developed they became more and more excited.  The result was a bright, well laid out and beautiful design that integrates the beauty of the back yard into the main living areas.


Outdoor Kitchen

Our clients are philanthropic and hold fundraisers, the outdoor kitchen was an addition they absolutely loved.  We had so much fun creating this functional and stylish outdoor space giving us the opportunity to dovetail the outdoor design with inside details. The outdoor kitchen blends nicely with the interior of the home as we used the same color and tile schemes.


Saddlebrook Estates Luxury Upgrades

Major updates included changing the windows and doors in the entire residence, new flooring throughout, a top of the one water filtration system for maximum wellness.  A luxury master bath, a large professional kitchen  and of course our favorite piece to this project , the creation of an outdoor kitchen.  We absolutely love the nickel bath and all the amazing tile work we installed throughout the home.  The freestanding nickel bath is gorgeous and definitely gives the entire bathroom a luxury feel.  Studio Fain is all about the details creating a stylish and artful interior to this traditional home.  Tell us what you like about the design!

Thank you!!!

Saddlebrook Estate

This Project included a guesthouse renovation

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