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Artful Design

Saddlebrook Estate featuring outdoor kitchen
Studio Fain Houston Design Studio
Saddlebrook Estate Featuring Outdoor Kitchen
Studio Fain design studio

A thing of beauty is a joy forever -John Keats

Design Studio Services

Interior Design both Residential and Commercial

Architectural Design

Additions and Renovations

Kitchen and Bath Remodels

Landscape and Swimming Pool Design

Design services are available both in person and virtual.

We travel all over the country to implement artful designs for our clients.

 Transform you’re living space to complement your vision.  Drawing on an artistic representation of home design, Aurora Fain’s design studio creates homes that not only flow but are also gorgeous and comfortable.  Studio Fain takes great care in listening to how you want to live in your home and builds the design around these principles.  Our design philosophy is that great space planning is the bedrock of good design.   For every project, we carefully study the architectural style, natural lighting, the flow of the space, curate materials and furnishings to create a truly bespoke experience that we are incredibly passionate about

Upgrade to luxury by choosing our boutique, full service design studio in Houston.

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