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Luxury Interior Design by Aurora Fain

Aurora Fain, a certified Interior Designer, creates luxury interiors and architecture to blend together in perfect harmony to produce some of the most outstanding homes. Each home has its own unique history and story. Working closely with our clients, we develop a home representative of who our clients are, their lifestyles, and their most desired dreams and design aspirations. Studio Fain was created by Aurora Fain to implement an artistic approach to interior design. Having formally studied art at Savannah College of Art and Design, She is uniquely positioned. She has been creating gorgeous designs for over fifteen years.

Aurora Fain interior Designer
Aurora Fain Interior Design
Aurora Fain Interior Design
Aurora Fain Studio Fain

Total Transformation

The best designers are able to see things from another person’s perspective and understand how they live in their environment. We create designs for clients to expresses exquisite taste while designing a living space that makes life easier.

Aurora Fain Interior Design
Aurora Fain Interior Designer
Aurora Fain
Aurora Fain

Exceptional Interior Design for Busy People

We understand our clients are busy but passionate about creating an exceptional interior for their dream home. We share that passion and our design process will make your remodel easier and more enjoyable. We keep your involvement at a level you can manage. 

Aurora Fain Interior Designer
Aurora Fain Inereior Designer
Aurora Fain Interior design
Aurora Fain Interior Design
Aurora interior designer

Confident Interior Design Decisions

Whether it’s classic elements, bright color themes, decorative elements, or contemporary house furnishings, we will implement your design style with ease. Confidence comes with experience and Aurora brings her expertise in design trends to the forefront of her decisions. When you’re looking at redesigning your home, it can be easy to get caught up in the details of the project. You may find yourself spending hours on Pinterest pinning images of beautiful rooms that inspire you, but when it comes time to express exactly what you want in your space, you may find yourself overwhelmed. Aurora Fain can spot the common threads in your descriptions and images to bring your style to life within the interior of your home. Our clients individual taste guides our decisions.

Fair, Sensible Pricing

Prices vary depending on the size of the design project but Studio Fain keeps pricing competitive. Aurora Fain is a professional interior designer who will provide you with a detailed estimate to include everything you requested. If the cost exceeds your budget, she can help you identify which items can be eliminated to fit within your budget. If you’re on tight budget and want to cut costs, there are plenty of ways to achieve excellent results without spending too much.  We’re confident that our experience and expertise will help you transform your space into an amazing space without overspending.

Find Inspiration by following us on Instagram for lots of pictures! Check out our blog post for details on some of our recent designs.

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Aurora Fain

"A thing of beauty is a joy forever" -John Keats

Aurora Fain, CPBD

NCBDC Certified
Member of ASID

Principal Designer, Studio Fain LLC.

Cell: 713.724.0852  STUDIOFAIN.COM

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