A Brazilian Granite Countertop gave this Kitchen Remodel a whole new look.

Through this project, the first floor was completely remodeled with Brazilian Granite featured in the Kitchen. Brooks Construction was responsible for the structural remodel. Working together, Studio Fain and Brooks Construction excelled and achieved great success. They did a phenomenal job bringing the design to life structurally. They delivered all of our requirements within the timeline and budget constraints of the project.

Putting the Brazilian Granite Countertops into effect.

The most significant update to the project was the 45-degree angle kitchen. By taking out the slanted walls, we built a big eat-in kitchen island. By opening up the kitchen, a sense of tranquility and openness was felt. Exotic Brazilian Granite adorns the top of this island, creating an eye-catching pattern. Granite from Brazil, known as Brazilian Granite, is well-known for its unique characteristics. Granite is one of the major exports for Brazil and the global demand for this exotic granite remains exceptionally strong as it is truly spectacular.

The high vaulted ceiling in this room creates a dramatic ambiance that is further enhanced by the huge pendants that hang down from it. The perfect counterpoint to this grandeur is the Brazilian granite countertop, which adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the space. The Brazilian granite has a unique look and feel, with its deep black and grey veining that stands out against the lighter flooring.

The floors throughout are European White Oak with a beautiful oil finish. We picked this light flooring to make the layout appear more open. The neutral color palette and serene atmosphere create a welcoming, transitional style between traditional and modern designs.

Exceptionally Distinctive and Cost-Effective

Studio Fain handled every aspect of the Katy, Texas remodel from beginning to end. The client’s budget and timeline requirements were easily met by the project. We are sure you will appreciate the beauty of Brazilian Granite countertops as they were an essential part of this wonderful kitchen remodel.

Katy Texas Remodel Project
Brazilian Granite
Aurora Fain

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